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Presencia Taina.TV has been created to help disseminate the productions of multi-media presentations that highlight the ancestral cultural herityour request (i.e. school groups, family events, organization presentations, etc...) so that we may honor your requests.

Kindly assist these educational efforts by sharing age of the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean. If you would like any of the resource material we have available, kindly hard copy us a formal letter (with your letterhead) requesting particular items and the reason for our programming with your families and friends.

Presencia Taina.TV is televised weekly throughout the worldwide web this season on Saturday nite at 9 PM (EST).

It can be accessed online at:



by viewing it locally on Channel 67 (cable TV) in the New York City area on
Public Access Television scheduled every Saturday night at 9:00 PM (EST)!!

Bo Matum (Thank you) for your interest and suport.

Modest donation accepted for tapes / video CDs.

Kindly contact UCTP for more details.

Thank you for your support of PT TV.

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American Indian Community House Gallery


Beyond Contemporary Native American Basketry

Colette Jacques: (back) Tracks
at American Indian Community House Gallery


In Their Native Country': Freedpeople's Understandings of Culture
and Citizenship in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations

Indian Market 2004 - Native American Artists and their Crafts

Lady Liberty As A Native American Icon

New York MIX - Art of the Five Civilized Boroughs

Secret Treaties

Simon Ortiz

Speaking For Ourselves in the 21st Century
Native American Artists/Scholars

Warrior Mother Spirit:
Native American Women's Panel Discussion

The 22nd Otsiningo Pow Wow

Otsiningo is the 18th Century name of the lower Chenango River Valley in upstate New York referred to as “The Southern Door” of the Iroquois Longhouse occupied by the people of many nation as including the Ononondegas, the Nanticokes, the Conoys, the Shawnees, the Mohicans, the Oneidas, and the Tuscaroras.

The Otsiningo Program and its Pow wow is an educational program of the Iroquois Studies Association seeking to share Indian cultures and issues through workshops, festivals, lectures, demonstrations and Pow Wows. Join the Caciba Jagua Taino Cultural Association in their featured Musical Dance Presentation at this 22nd Anniversary Festival

2,500 Years of Caribbean Archeology

Join our visit to the Yale University collection of Caribbean artifacts and archeological studies with research pioneer Dr. Irving Rouse. Sit in on this truly remarkable synopsis of Caribbean scholarship captured on video by Roger Hernandez Jr. Dr. Irving Rouse is captured on video for the very first time offering his research determinations utilizing demonstrative rare artifacts and utilitarian objects uncovered by his extensive 70 year studies.

Author of many educational accounts spanning more than 2,500 years of acheological remants and remains of the material cultural of the Taino Indians, Dr. Rouse takes us on his journey of historical importance- helping to correct misconceptions on the demise of the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean. This production is available in two VHS video fashions - (a.) formatted as a complete one hour (60 minute) video, or (b.) as a four part series (30 minutes each).

508 Years: The Taino Presence in Boriken and Beyond

This 30 minute VHS video features the artistic collaboration of photographer Holger Thoss and Taino activist Roberto Mucaro Borrero in an exhibition sponsored by the United Confederation of Taino People. Using print media and photographs, this exhibition hopes to offer another perspective on the subject of the Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean.

Interviews, music and a lively discussion compliments these images which maintains an oral tradition to the identity of the Native Peoples of Boriken (Puerto Rico). Broken into sub sections of Elders, Maps, Early Images, Areito, The Land, The Sea, and The People - this video exhibition captures the imagery of the contemporary Indigenous legacy of the Caribbean.

(See our exhibit at: Casa del Sol)

Fresh from the highlands of Ecuador, deep within the jungles bordering conflicting frontiers - Amazonian spokesman Mr. Juan Gualinga shares his spiritual journey as a shaman of the Anaconda Clan into New York City to deliver his message before the United Nations Conference on Spiritual and Religious Intolerance.

Hosted by Roberto Mucaro Borrero, this 28 minute, bilingual (English subtitles), VHS presentation offers a glimpse of impacting realities and conflicting choices between highly technological driven societies and the unknown Indigenous communities that are being rape to fuel increasing development.

Billy Mills: Indigenous People’s Images in Sports

Billy Mills has overcome ethnic and cultural bias as the 1964 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist 10,000 meter runner winner. Hear his life story as he continues to battle racial discrimination against American Indians in this AMNH sponsored lecture- Indigenous People’s Images in Sports and Media presented on May 12, 2002.

Caciba Jagua is a traditional Taino indian performance troupe featuring music of the Indigenous people of the Caribbean. Named after a Caribbean creation story told in the oral tradition - Caciba Jagua emerges into the light to offer educational entertainment about Native American cultural heritage of the islands of the Caribbean.

See and hear the members of the musical (song and dance in the Taino - Arawak language) troupe as they share their talents and the hand crafted traditional instruments and adornments. Lead by musical Director and Founder- Roberto Mucaro Borrero, this 30 minute audio visual VHS production captures a lively spiritual performance before a vast and astonished audience celebrating the Indigenous legacy of the Taino Indans.

Caguana - Nuestro Patriminio Taino

Fascinating 55 minute Spanish video documentary (by Ivan Nieves) filmed in Boriquen (Puerto Rico) featuring original compositions and the music of Ms. Elba Lugo performed by Paseo Taino. This video explores the sacred ceremonial indigenous parks (bateys) of Puerto Rico and their mythological astronomical alignment significance. Join Idalia Perez Garay y Ricardo Fabregues as they narrate Taino batey activities centered on religion, politics, economics and sports. This interesting video introduces Puerto Rican archeologists and socio-ethnologists who are researching the correlations between the Meso-American temples of the New World. Filled with plenty of illustrations, data, maps, photographs, film and published research - this video is available exclusively thru Producciones Oasis.

Caguana's Voice Women's Award

Join the excitement of the formulative years of the United Confederation of Taino People at La Casa de la Herencia (NYC), as we celebrate the Taino movements finest women. Pioneering the musical spiritual rebirth of the indigenous legacies of the Antillas, this 30 minute special highlights the creative genius' of Boriqua activist Ms. Elba Anaca Lugo, and others.

News coverage provided by Taino Newsletter "La Voz del Pueblo Taino" and can be accessed at:

Cameron McCarthy:
Aboriginal Australian Songs at

Internationally renowned performer and artist Cameron McCarthy will present aboriginal songs and stories using ancient musical instruments such as the didgeridoo and boomerang sticks.

Carib Pearls:
The Spanish Impact on the Caribbean Indigenous Pearl Trade

Join A. Michael Auld with his lecturer at the American Museum of Natural History for this 52 minute slide show presentation on the history of the Caribbean Pearl Trade during the early conquest period. Pearls were the most highly valued treasure that spurned the lust for explorations, adventure and riches. Unfortunately- greed, jealousy and murder on an unprecedented scale ensued against the indigenous populations of the bountiful coasts of South, Central and Caribbean America.

Charlene Teters:
Indigenous People’s Images in Sports

From media exploitation and religious intolerance to the use of images of native peoples as mascots and corporate logos- indigenous peoples have had little or no redress against the misappropriation of their images.

Listen to multi media artist and activist Charlene Teters as she offers her presentation as a convergence of her activism and her art to give a contemporary perspective on Native American representation.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2005
in Chinatown, New York City

"Join the Staten Islands LIONS Athletic Sports Club in the 2005 Year of The
Rooster Chinatown celebration in New York City! Lion dancing, drumming and
parade close ups of the 2005 Chinese New Year filmed by Roger Hernandez Jr."

Friends of Brook Park

Join us on a beautiful day in the South Bronx as we celebrate Native Wisdom with Native American Church Roadman Manuel Khuatlhi and the volunteers of Brook Park. Located on East 141th Street and on the site of an actual ancient Brook, this park has been rescued by the community residents who now plan educational activities and environmental projects. Harry Bubbins has been coordinating the volunteers, students, teachers and elders since 1999 and has helped to secure the respect and support necessary to establish the Friends of Brook Park.

This production is presented in a two show set of 28 minutes each.

Frank Escalet: Art Life

Join artist Frank Escalet (painter storyteller) depict his neighbors, and friends by portraying the poignancy of their hopes and dreams and sorrows with compassionate insight. Using line and color with disingenuous simplicity, Frank recreates memories from his childhood experiences in Spanish Harlem- NYC of the 1940’s and 50’s

Free Leonard Peltier NOW!

Frank Craven's controversial 30-minute video (with footage from Roger Atihuibancex included!) won the 2000 Worldfest Houston Local Service Award. This video puts you in the middle of the NYC Justice Rally (December, 2000) demonstrating for the release of political prisoner and Native American Human Rights Activist Leonard Peltier (jailed since 1975) from Federal Prison. LVPT Taino newsletter covered this in the Vol. 2, Issue 5 (Dec., 99) issue. Contact the LP Defense Committee at to offer support.

Exciting action, music, drumming and testimonials by wide range of supporters and Police Enforcement Rangers! Arresting footage was used by local Television News, and presented at court as evidence to dismiss charges against rally participants arrested during the rally for practicing their constitutional rights.

News coverage provided by Taino Newsletter "La Voz del Pueblo Taino" can be accessed at:

The Garifunas- Black Caribs of Honduras

Black Caribs of the Caribbean

28 minute (English/ Spanish) video of the African slaves of St. Vincents/ Grenaidines Caribbean Islands who were forcibly removed and transported to the Central American coast of Honduras in 1791 by the British colonists of the Lesser Antilles. Listen to Professor Felix Miranda, and Pablo Gomez while enjoying the Garifuna music and dance from the Maria Maximo Troupe during their presentation at the 3 hour Falu Foundation Conference "Afro- Latinos: Celebration of African Heritage in the Caribbean" held in NYC.

Halau Ku Mana Hawaii Cultural Music and Dance

Presentation video shot at the American Museum of Natural History (NYC), highlighting the students (ages 15- 20) of Hawaii's Alternative High School as they performed at museums throughout the Northeast. Beutiful native dance Areito complimented with tribal regalia brings the audience on a polynesian journey spanning centuries of island dance.

Hawaii Boricua interview with Tony Castanha

This 30 minute video interview produced in collaboration with Roger Atihuibancex Hernandez explores the Taino diaspora to Hawaii during the last turn of the century. This interview with Tony Castanha (hosted by UCTP President Roberto Mucaro Borrero), discussı elements of Taino Survival and the Caribbean Indigenous Cultural Living Legacy traced back through the social political pressures of the colonial history of Puerto Rico, and the Diaspora migration patterns that has introduced Tainos all over the world! This tape is complimented by the additional 30 minute video companion tape "Hawaii InterCaterae Bull Burning", highlighting the nnual activity in Hawaii to protest the Papal Bulls of the Catholic Church allowing for the unjust transition of the Churchıs colonization of the New World... the Catholic Church allowing for the unjust transition of the Church's colonization of the New World.

News coverage of Vatican visit provided by Taino Newsletter "La Voz del Pueblo Taino" can be accessed at:

Listen to Hawaii Boricua Tony Castanha as he leads the Indigenous people of Hawaii in prayer and discussions. Calling for the revocation of the Church's Papal Bull decrees from the conquest periods subjugating the indiesnatural rights under Catholic dominion, this assembly performs a burning of the religious laws that served as barbaric contracts authored by the Vatican Popes against the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

News coverage on Bull Burnings provided by LVPT can be accessed at:

Join our support of this video and the UCTP movement to revoke the Papal Bull by signing below:

Petition Appeal to Revoke the
1493 Papal Bull Inter Caetera

Indigenous Musical Roots of Caribbean Music

Musical 60 minute exploration into the native instruments, and drums, along with ceremonial songs of the Caribbean. Filmed at WPKN (Brideport, CT) Studios, this tape hosted by radio personality Luis Polmaris also features listener telephone comments and responses from the guest artists of Yucayeque Maguey and Presencia Taina.

Introduction to the Caribbean Indigenous People
Useage of Medicinal Plants

Lecture by Roberto Mucaro Borrero (UCTP President) at the NYC Queens Library highlights the historical and antecdotial traditional useage of natural medicines from the Caribbean.

Aborginal MAORI Songs at AMNH

Acclaimed New Zealand performance dance troupe KAHURANGI presents “People of The Pacific”, an interactive program that features songs and dances from the Pacific Islands including Tahiti, Hawaii, Samoa, and New Zealand.

MNA Powwow

Mohawk Creation Legends of the Iroquois

Presention by Dr. Tom Porter, sponsored by Lotus Music and Dance featuring the native traditional Areitos of the Iroquois Confederation of the Northeastern USA and Canadian frontier.

Native American Wisdom Keepers

Listen to the Indigenous Elders of the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Nations as they gather to share their inexhaustive Native American teachings at this American Museum Of Natural History (AMNH) symposium held in NYC. This 50 minute VHS video captures the AMNH Education Department sponsored tribute "Old Ways and New Challenges" featuring Dave Chief, and Dr. Arvol Looking Horse.

This wisdom keepers are complimented by the introduction of the film - "Wisdom Keepers" produced by Ora Abel - Russel (1999). This production was directed in recognition of the Seventh Annual Commeration of the United Nations International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

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